Evolution is our passion


Purifika was born in 2012 when the owners felt the need to work more conscientiously in their lives. The maintenance portion of the business had existed under another name since 1996 before becoming PURIFIKA in 2017. Richard has acquired a great deal of experience having worked in the fields of renovation, interior design, building maintenance and leading several housekeeping teams. A graduate in cabinetmaking, he has worked with wood for years. His passion for wood increased over time and he decided to create custom rustic furniture signed PURIFIKA DESIGN. Formerly a DJ, Richard (DJ Russ) also had the idea of ​​creating events for children in schools, scout parties and others. This passion was transformed into creating events for the Purifika company.

Richard Russell

Life Path

Nathalie Escoto Leclerc



Nathalie began her career in the field of fashion and modeling which were her first passions. She has worked in several trendy and fashion boutiques. She also accompanied her father as a teacher during his oil painting classes and events. The Atelier Nouvelle Vie painting school was a great success. A few years later, his new world became administration and accounting.

Following her spiritual awakening and consciousness she decided to study the 38 flower essences of Dr. Edward Bach to heal her interior and her emotions. Nathalie once met a powerful shaman, mediums and healers who helped her understand the evolution of the human being. It was the start of a great adventure on the path of consciousness. She also studied the manufacture of cosmetics and natural products in several schools. During her studies, she also worked actively for different spas and health centers. Training and courses accumulated during this time and everything was related to consciousness and nature. She has acquired certifications and attestations in several areas. Her favorite is still Ayurvedic medicine which she continues to study with passion for more than 4 years in different schools. She was trained in essential oils, bio cosmetics and skin care. Sales, marketing and entrepreneurship training were only a logical follow-up to complete the creation of Purifika.